CoD Warzone: Vanguard Season 1 Delays Release

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Call of Duty: Warzone and Vanguard delay the arrival of the first joint season. Now the contents of the Second World War will reach the battle royale next December 8. Those who have acquired the title will receive 24 hours of advance access; the rest of the community will be able to play on Caldera, their new map, starting on December 9.

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This marks a major change from the last preseason event. “The last days of Verdansk”, as it is called, will be available until December 8. This includes the special mode where we will say goodbye to the map that has accompanied CoD Warzone since its launch.

In the case of Call of Duty: Vanguard, the first season will include “updates on zombies, new weapons, equipment, maps and game modes.” No details have emerged so far, although it will continue the line we have seen in recent weeks. Shipment has already debuted in the official rotation completely free.

How will the integration of the Pacific in CoD Warzone be?

Vanguard integration will not disrupt progress you’ve done in the last nearly two years of combat, including operators, business cards, and more. Those responsible say that the arrival of the new game to the ecosystem will take place in the same way as with Black Ops Cold War. If you play any Call of Duty starting with Modern Warfare 2019, you will continue to progress through the content of the current battle pass and unlock content to use in Warzone.

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Caldera, the new map of the classic battle royale modes, It will have up to eleven points of interest distributed throughout the playable area. The shipyard, the old structures and the beach defenses give way to the key area: the volcano. Very soon we will fight in the jungle.

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