“Cody Walker honors late brother Paul by naming newborn son after him”

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Paul Walker’s Brother Cody Honours Late Actor with Newborn Son’s Name

Cody Walker, the younger brother of late Fast and Furious star Paul Walker, has named his newborn son after his sibling. The actor died in a car crash almost a decade ago when he was 40 years old. Cody, 24, and his wife Felicia Knox welcomed Paul Barrett (‘Bear’) Walker on 30th April in Arizona.

The Walkers have a tradition of naming male children Paul, with the name going back four generations in the family. Cody felt that the latest addition to the family should carry on the tradition, and also wanted to continue honouring his brother’s memory.

Cody has been actively keeping the memory of Paul Walker alive by participating in Fuel Fest. The motorsports festival celebrates car culture and raises money for Reach Out Worldwide, a non-profit charity set up by Paul to aid disaster relief, which the actor was passionate about.

When Paul passed away, he had not finished filming his role in ‘Furious 7′, which was eventually completed with the help of Cody and his other brother, Caleb. In his memory, Paul’s daughter Meadow runs the Paul Walker Foundation, which aims to promote environmental awareness and disaster relief.

Cody spoke about how watching his brother’s movies brings him comfort and allows him to keep Paul’s spirit alive. The Walkers’ tradition of continuing to name male children Paul will ensure that the late actor’s legacy and name will endure for generations to come.

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