What is Coin Master? How to Play? [Guide]

Coin Master

Coin Master is a single-player mobile game launched by Israeli studio Moon Active in 2010. It is immensely popular worldwide due to its easy gameplay and interesting objectives. It is available on both iOS and Android devices, and the best part about it? It’s totally free! The game is one of the highest-grossing games in the UK and Germany and is famous in almost every other part of the world.

Coin Master Gameplay

The major objective of the Coin Master game is to collect as many coins as possible and upgrade stock items to build villages. In order to win items a player needs to get spins and spin the wheel which can be done up to seven times in an hour. After he wins the items, he can build a village. Once you run out of spins, you can purchase additional spins or share the game on social media to get more free spins

There are several aspects to the game, which have been described below:

1. Spin Wheel

Below is a list of various items you may gain from the slot machine:

  • Coins: you may get one, two, or three coins. The number of coins also depends on your level and the map you are playing in.
  • Hammers: If you get three hammers on your spin, then you get the ability to attack your opponent’s village or take revenge for an attack by an opponent.
  • Pigs: Getting three pigs means you get a chance to raid the person who shows up above your slot machine for the indicated amount. 
  • Shields: Getting three shields allows you to protect your village from attacks.
  • Coin Bags: Works the same as coins but provide better value.
  • Energy Capsules: Three energy capsules give you three extra points.
  • Items: There are a lot of items to be unlocked from the slot machine as a reward. Getting three items together reaps even better rewards.
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2. Villages and Attacks

To complete a village, you will need to finish a building. The building must be upgraded to five stars, with each star being more expensive than the previous one. When every building in the village is maxed out to 5 stars, then you can move to the adjacent village. 

Each village is set in a new location, making the game more fun. 

You can also raid the villages of your opponents and win more coins in the process. 

3. Cards

The game also has cards having various themes for players to collect. Each card belongs to a collection of 9 cards. Collecting all 9 cards of a collection earns you rewards. 

It is also possible to connect with your friends and trade cards with them to complete your collection faster. The game even recommends a particular Facebook page for the trade of cards. 

4. Pets

Pets are an important part of Coin Master. When you reach Level 3, the Pets feature is unlocked and you start to get pets. It is necessary to feed the pets so that they can grow and evolve. The pet food is available at the store, during special events, or from the slot machine.  

There are 3 different pets with different skills and purposes:

  • Tiger: An ideal pet for attack, you get a huge bonus on every reward for attack
  • Foxy: Increases the percentage of rewards from each raid by digging an extra hole. Also brings you valuable experience points for every raid it participates in
  • Rhino: Helps in the defense of the village and is even more effective than shields. Helps to preserve coins.
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5. Social Perspective

The biggest thing about this game, or many other modern-day multiplayer games is that it focuses on playing together with your comrades. Every game is twice as fun when played with your friends. 

At the very beginning, the game encourages you to connect to Facebook and invite friends to play along with you. Every friend is rewarded when they join your invite to the game. 

You can send coins, rewards, and cards to them while receiving the same back in return.

Although the game feels extremely social, a significant drawback is that there is no provision for in-game communication with your friends. 

It is also possible to play as a guest without connecting to your social media. 

6. Chests

In the game, chests are objects that hold collectible cards. They are divided into three categories: Wooden, Golden, and Magical. 

Players can acquire cards and other goodies from the chests they open. They will get incentives if they finish a card collection. These cards can be traded with friends as well. There are three types of chests: magical, golden, and wooden. 

There are various numbers of cards in the chests: 

  • 2 cards in wooden boxes 
  • 4 cards in a golden chest 
  • 8 cards for magical chests 

These chests can be obtained by players in various ways. They can dig them out during raids, but they can also receive them as a prize for completing villages and moving on to the next level.


Coin Master was awarded a spot in the ‘Top of the acclaimed top 50 Developers’ from PocketGamer.biz. 

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As of now, the game seems to be winning hearts all over the globe. But users must always exercise caution as scammers tend to use this as a medium for ‘human verification scams’.

That said, Coin Master is definitely one to watch out for, especially if you are a person who loves to team up with friends and enjoy a game together.

The sheer numbers and free spins do justice to how entertaining the game is and why people from all over the world are obsessed with it. 

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