Coin the first NFT in the blockchain of the dogecóin meme coin

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A cryptocurrency meme developer has claimed to have coined the first NFT (non-fungible ‘token’) on the Dogecóin blockchain.

The author is a Twitter user known as ‘Inevitable360’, who public a series of tweets explaining that it is the “first NFT ever minted on the Dogecoin blockchain. “

Inevitable360 details that the process of elaboration of the non-fungible ‘token’ cost 0.01 doges (about $ 0.0017). This It represents enormous efficiency compared to minting an NFT in the Ethereum blockchain, where it can cost hundreds of dollars.

Support from other developers

Also, the developer Indian who resorted to functions cryptographic hash Sha-256 to coin your NFT. The author of that mintage has received support from other developers, including the founder of dogecóin, Billy Markus.

Dogecóin was created as a meme currency, but lately the developers are showing that their ‘blockchain’ can be used for other purposes as well.

This Tuesday, the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, announced that the auto company will begin pilot sales in dogecoines. As a consequence, the meme coin responded with rapid growth in value and approached the level of $ 0.20 per unit.

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