Coldplay in Lima: Teleticket announces that it enables an additional sector

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Great expectations have been generated with the concert of Coldplay, the British band of hits such as “Yellow”, “The Scientist”, “Viva la vida”, which will take place in Lima on September 20, 2022.

After confirming the show, on December 13 the pre-sale started at 10 am until the next day; However, according to Teleticket, the tickets were sold out in a matter of hours.

But there is good news for those who wanted to buy their ticket to the Coldplay concert in Lima, Teletikt announced on its social networks that they have enabled an additional sector and increased capacity for the East and West areas 1.

“Due to the great reception of the show, it has been planned to enable an additional sector and greater capacity in East and West 1, so that more fans can enjoy this great night”, it reads in the post.

It is worth mentioning that this Wednesday, December 15, the general sale of tickets to see Coldplay in Lima begins. Prices to see the British group range between S / 170 and S / 765.

Within the framework of its “Music of Spheres” tour, Coldplay will meet again with its Peruvian public in the National State, following the biosafety protocols required by local governments, and with a special guest: singer Camila Cabello.

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