Coldplay is also not spared from the strike called by the workers of the London Underground


For a few weeks now, the city of London has been paralyzed on sporadic days because of the strikes that have been called by the unions that include the workers of the underground and other rail services that operate in the British capital.

One of the next breaks of the London underground is scheduled for August 19, the same day that the band Coldplay had scheduled a massive concert at Wembley Stadium, in the northwest of the city. After several hours of uncertainty, finally, the formation issued a statement to announce that the recital will have to be postponed.

Those who already had their tickets and who, in addition, had made plans to enjoy a dream weekend in London, will have to slightly alter their agenda. Instead of being held that Friday, the show has been moved to Sunday of that same week, on August 21, which could lead to problems for those who need to get up early the following Monday.

In the event that they eventually have to give up the event, the group led by Chris Martin has promised that they will be refunded the full amount of their tickets. Interestingly, and in the face of the concerts that the band has placed on August 13 and 20, also at Wembley and in days of a transport strike, for the moment no changes have been communicated.

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