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Colman Domingo Discusses New Michael Jackson Biopic

Colman Domingo, known for his dynamic acting prowess, recently shared insights into the highly anticipated Michael Jackson biopic titled Michael. Domingo, who portrays Joe Jackson, the patriarch of the Jackson family, emphasized that the film will present a new perspective on the legendary King of Pop.

The biopic aims to balance Michael Jackson’s public triumphs with his personal struggles, portraying his life on a grand cinematic scale. Domingo highlighted, “Michael Jackson is undeniably one of the most prolific artists ever, and this film will explore his complexities in a way that has not been done before.”

Joining Domingo in the film is Michael’s nephew, Jaafar Jackson, who will portray the iconic singer. Domingo praised Jaafar’s performance, suggesting that audiences will be deeply impressed by his portrayal and the spiritual connection he shares with his late uncle.

The cast also includes Nia Long as Katherine Jackson, the family matriarch, and Miles Teller as John Branca, Michael Jackson’s lawyer and manager. The film will also feature Juliano Krue Valdi as a young Michael, providing a glimpse into the early years of the music legend.

Directed by Antoine Fuqua, the film also delves into the complex figure of Joe Jackson, exploring his role as a manager who drove the Jackson 5 to stardom while facing criticism for his harsh parenting methods. Fuqua praised Domingo’s ability to capture the multifaceted nature of Joe Jackson, from his drive for success to his role as a father and husband.

The biopic Michael is scheduled for release on April 18, 2025, and promises to offer an epic narrative that honors Michael Jackson‘s legacy while providing new insights into his life and family.

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