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Comcast Unveils NOW TV Latino: Spanish-Language Streaming Bundle

Comcast Unveils NOW TV Latino: Spanish-Language Streaming Bundle

Comcast has introduced a new skinny bundle of channels designed specifically for Spanish-language Xfinity internet customers. The new service, named NOW TV Latino, was announced on Monday and offers more than 25 Spanish-language streaming channels along with access to Peacock Premium for a monthly fee of $10.

The channels included in the package feature popular choices such as Estrella News, Caracol Televisión, CentroAméricaTV, and WAPA America. Additionally, the bundle offers various Telemundo free ad-supported streaming television (FAST) channels like Noticias Telemundo Ahora (24/7), Telemundo Noticias Florida, Telemundo Noticias Texas, Telemundo Noticias California, and Telemundo Noticias Noreste.

José Velez Silva, Comcast’s VP of Multicultural Strategy, Operations & Community Engagement, highlighted the value and unique experience that NOW TV Latino offers in a public statement.

“As we continue our focus on providing unique experiences, differentiated products, and bringing value to Hispanic consumers, NOW TV Latino provides great Spanish-language and English-language content at an affordable price for Hispanic viewers with a wide variety of tastes and interests, with no fees or contracts,” said José Velez Silva. “NOW TV Latino is easy to add to any Xfinity broadband products, offering customers new ways to save money on streaming entertainment via the nation’s best and most reliable network.”

In addition to the base package, Comcast is allowing NOW TV Latino customers to bundle this service with other streaming offerings. These include the StreamSaver bundle, which adds Netflix and Apple TV+, and the NOW TV package, which includes over 40 streaming channels.

This move to provide contract-free, affordable options for customers demonstrates Comcast’s strategic efforts to cater to a diverse audience. It’s expected that the company will continue to explore similar initiatives. Including Peacock Premium as part of these offerings also serves to enhance the subscriber base for that service.

Source: Awful Announcing