Come la Alegría: I want to sing !, these are the participants and the songs

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With the intention, for many, of competing with Televisa’s Hoy program in Come the joy a new reality show has been organized to take place on the morning of TV Azteca by name ‘I want to sing!’.

While in Today the slogan was the dance with ‘The stars dance in Today’ In the program of the television station of the Ajusco there will be 15 participants who will compete in ‘I want to sing!’ Monday and Tuesday.

According to the production of ‘¡Quiero Cantar!’ In addition to the conductors, the inevitable judges will participate in this new entertainment proposal, as well as two voice coaches who will support the participants.

The production of the program Come the joy has revealed the list of famous participants who will compete in the new reality show ‘I want to sing!’:

For their part, the participants will interpret the following songs this monday in ‘I want to sing!’ from Come the joy:

Thus, with the intention of raising the rating and competing with Today come the joy arrives with ‘I want to sing!’, on The Truth News we will follow closely the advances of this reality show to bring you the latest.

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