Commerce Secretary: US must work with Europe to deprive China of advanced technology

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The US needs to enlist the support of Europe to counter China’s growing military and economic influence, asserted this Tuesday the US Secretary of Commerce, Gina Raimondo.

“If we really want to slow down China’s pace of innovation, we must work with europe“Raimondo said in an interview for CNBC.” it is most effective when it works with its partners, “he stressed.

In his words, Washington plans intensify collaboration with Europe on export controls, with the objective, among others, of “depriving China of advanced technology” so that that nation cannot achieve them in key sectors such as semiconductors.

“We do not want autocratic governments like China to write the rules of the road. We, along with our partners, who care about privacy, freedom, individual rights, individual protection, we we must write the rules of the road“Raimondo said, adding that it is as much about TikTok as it is about artificial intelligence and cyberspace.

This Wednesday, the US Secretary of Commerce will participate together with Secretary of State Antony Blinken in the inaugural meeting of the US-Europe Trade and Technology Council, where she will address the growing role of China in world markets.

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