Community wants to stop hate demos against Youtuber Drachenlord

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The Middle Franconian municipality of Emskirchen has had enough of the constant anger about the controversial Youtuber “Drachenlord”. It has issued a general decree, according to which, from Tuesday, large gatherings of people and all kinds of objects that could serve as weapons or projectiles are prohibited in the Altschauerberg district. The police pointed out on Facebook that anyone who did not comply could face a fine of up to 1,000 euros.

There are always arguments between the Youtuber, who has been publishing videos about his life under the name “Drachenlord” for several years, and his opponents. In his clips he provokes with sometimes extreme views.

Demonstrations and riots around the Youtuber’s house have regularly called the police on the scene for years. The media had previously reported that the community wanted to reduce the “ongoing operational burden” with the general decree. “For a while it is less, then it flares up again,” said a spokesman for the Central Franconian police headquarters.

Sometimes more than 100 people gathered in the district – some of them had come from far away. A ban on entry now prevents those who had been sent off within the last three years from being allowed to come back.


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