Company of Heroes 3 has been officially announced

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After a mysterious countdown that brought the beaches of Italy to the players, Relic announced Company of Heroes 3. The third game in the action RTS series about the Second World War will apparently take place on the Mediterranean front, with a particular focus on North Africa and Italy. In many ways, the new game is a return to the traditional style of Company of Heroes, but it will also bring many innovations. These innovations include “Tactical Pause” and a fully dynamic story mode map.

The story mode of Company of Heroes 3, where you command the Allies’ invasion of Italy, may be more familiar to Total War players than past games in the series. With the Ardennes Assault expansion, CoH really liked the idea of ​​the dynamic map that was featured in the series before, and Relic’s David Littman explained that the map of the new game will be “a thousand times” larger than the map in the Ardennes Assault expansion.

In the new game, you can not only cut off the supply of supplies by capturing any region, but also seize airfields for air support in RTS missions, bombard your enemies with offshore warships. The story mode will, for the first time, feature a character-driven story featuring local partisan fighters and bring along scenarios such as Avelino and Monte Cassino alongside traditional RTS missions.

Assessment of the situation

Company of Heroes 3’s single-player mode brings with it the “Tactical Pause” system, which allows you to freeze the battle and give new orders to all your units. While Relic sees this feature as a way to familiarize new players with the CoH experience, even I as an RTS veteran found this feature quite useful. Towards the end of the matches in CoH 2, I even left some checkpoints because it was usually quite difficult to pay attention to everything and make sound decisions. “Tactical Pause” allows to organize things in a really satisfying way.

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Another innovation coming to the RTS mode will be “Breach”, that is, splitting. Breach will allow an infantryman to kick the doors of occupied structures, killing or knocking out units inside. This feature will allow players to focus more on infantry, allowing them to act against fortified positions early in the game. This will prevent wars from evolving into a state of invincibility that can only be broken by tanks and artillery. But for those who want to advance in the game with the tactic of burning down, a new destruction system to be added to the game will allow the surrounding houses and churches to be destroyed with a more realistic physics engine and sound design.

Back to the roots of the series

Relic sees the first Company of Heroes as the “Gold Standard” of the series and takes into account the feedback that emerged after the second game that differentiated the series. Base buildings and infantry-heavy gameplay mechanics found in old-school RTS games return in Company of Heroes 3. Developing heavy vehicles in this game will take a lot of your time. In addition, the negative effects of harsh weather conditions on your troops in the old games will not be included in this game, but the developers announced that the harsh conditions in North Africa will have different mechanics.

We’ll have to wait a bit to dive deeper into Company of Heroes 3, which is scheduled for release towards the end of 2022. However, Relic wants to make this journey together with gamers. The first part of this is a preview, which will be published today. The first preview reveals the gameplay of the single-player Italy storyline, while future previews will focus more on the game’s PvP gameplay.

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Be sure to check out the preview and gameplay trailer for more Company of Heroes 3 news. Stay tuned to MRT for detailed information.

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