Comptroller of Ecuador files the case involving Guillermo Lasso with the Pandora Papers

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The Comptroller General of Ecuador has decided to archive the process it directed against President Guillermo Lasso for his alleged involvement in the controversial case of business creation in tax havens known as the ‘Pandora’s Papers’.

The institution reported that after conducting a “special examination” to “determine the existence of the offense and the responsibility” of the agent in this case, “found no objective elements“To show that Lasso has committed any wrongdoing.

At this time, adds the institution, a special examination is being carried out to verify that the affidavit of assets presented by Lasso last November, “includes all property,” his spouse and children.

In parallel, the National Assembly of Ecuador addresses the controversial case through the debate on the report of the Constitutional Guarantees Commission, which indicates that Lasso had violated the law.

Ecuadorian legislation prohibits candidates for popularly elected public office from owning, direct or indirect, property or capital in tax havens, which is why the Comptroller’s Office proceeded, last October, to carry out the special examination.

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