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Concertgoer Hopes to Find 'Life-Saving Stranger' from Rolling Stones Gillette Show

Concertgoer Hopes to Find ‘Life-Saving Stranger’ from Rolling Stones Gillette Show

A North Shore man is desperately searching for a stranger who he says saved his life at the Rolling Stones concert held at Gillette Stadium.

Tony Palladino, along with his wife, was in eager anticipation of seeing the legendary rock band on May 30th when he suddenly suffered cardiac arrest.

While in his third-row seat and as the song ‘Start Me Up’ played during the introductory music, Palladino lost consciousness.

It was at this critical moment that a fellow concert-goer, leapt from the first row and began administering CPR.

“This woman immediately sprang into action,” Palladino recalled. “She scaled the second row. It’s miraculous. My wife said it happened in split seconds.”

According to the 78-year-old, Foxboro first responders swiftly arrived and took over from there.

“Seamlessly they came over and applied the paddles, bringing me back to life,” he revealed.

Six days after the incident, Palladino underwent double bypass surgery at Mass General Hospital.

“One artery was 99 percent closed, and the other was 70 percent,” he detailed. “The doctor said because she acted so expeditiously that my heart is in really good shape.”

The Marblehead resident believes his story underscores the crucial importance of CPR training for saving lives.

Now, he is determined to discover the identity of the woman who helped him, so he can express his gratitude.

“I am in her debt, and I can’t thank her enough for what she did,” Palladino expressed. “I think I’d give her a very big hug and thank her.”

Source: Boston 25 News