Confirm Season 3 and Present New Trailers on TUDUM

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During the global Netflix event, the series starring Henry Cavill surprised fans. A prequel, a movie and even an animated series will be part of the extended universe of The Witcher.

Henry Cavill stars in The Witcher on the streaming platform


© NetflixHenry Cavill stars in The Witcher on the streaming platform

The wait is almost over! The Witcher It will return very soon with its second season and it already has a confirmed premiere date. Within TUDUM, the global event of Netflix for fans, the streaming platform announced its return for the December 17 and I present double advance. Also, his showrunner took a tour of the set, explained everything that comes with Henry Cavill as the protagonist and revealed a surprise: there will be a third part. Check out the trailer here!

The entertainment world was hit during 2020 by the pandemic of Covid-19: dozens of productions were put on hold and others began to be recorded with strict protocols. But little by little the new normal allows the premieres to resume their usual path and – to the joy of the audience – arrive earlier than expected. The Witcher is one of them and, without a doubt, fans made their excitement notice on social networks after the first glimpses of the series.

The second season will have many surprisesHenry Cavill said at the big Red N event. And it is that everything is coming for this production that you are looking for extend your universe: they already did it with the anime prequel called Nightmare of the Wolf, but now it will also be added a second animated film and even an animated series for the whole family.

This is not all: in addition to the long list of announcements, Netflix presented a tour of the recording set of The Witcher: Blood Origin, the prequel to the original series. With a lot of humor, the showrunner Declan de Barra He showed a little script reading, plus he toured the studios. “We don’t use CGI or anything like that, we design everything and store it in containers”Said the producer as he traveled the space.

He also made reference to the coronavirus tests that all members of the cast and the technical team must take in order to carry out the filming without problems. And, as if that were not enough, he even announced that one of the locations was in Iceland: “Have an epic showwe need an epic place”. The universe expands and the happiness of fans of The Witcher, even more.

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