Confirmed title and description of scenes from Matrix 4

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Matrix 4 is the continuation of the sci-fi saga that amazed audiences around the world with philosophical ideas and concepts mixed with groundbreaking filming techniques and top-notch VFX. Now, it is the turn of the fourth installment to live up to a legacy that has a significant fan base who have high expectations for the new film.

The film had its special panel during the CinemaCon, held in Las Vegas, where one of the great suspicions about the film was confirmed. We are talking about the title. In this case, the fourth installment of the saga will be called The Matrix Resurrections. Neo y Trinity They return for this new story that has reboot features, at least from what is clear from the images shared at the convention.

There is little left for Matrix 4

In that sense, we have the description of what could be seen at Caesars Palace. The trailer is set with the song White Rabbit de Jefferson Airplane. Start with Thomas Anderson (Keanu Reeves) in a therapy session. The psychologist is Neil Patrick Harris. The “patient” tells you that you have dreams that are actually memories. It’s about your past life like Neo and the battle for Zion against the machines.

Another sequence finds Neo y Trinity together in a cafeteria where they shake hands, but something uncertain happens between them. Neither seems to have memories of the other. Trinity asks Neo and “they already know each other before”. It will be interesting to see how the plot resolves the return of these characters and their love story.

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Finally, a person in a black suit, played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, offers the protagonist the opportunity to discover reality. The iconic red and blue pills take center stage again. Will it be a new version of Morpheus? After choosing the red pill, we see Neo with his powers restored. It even shows new abilities, like telekinesis to evade a missile. The long-awaited film will hit theaters on December 22.

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