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Conor McGregor and fiancée Dee Devlin Are Expecting Their Fourth Child

Irish mixed martial artist and former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion, Conor McGregor, and his fiancée, Dee Devlin, have announced that they are expecting their fourth child. The couple, who are already proud parents to three children, shared the exciting news on social media.

“Happy birthday Queen Dee from your two sons and your little princess coming soon,” McGregor wrote on Instagram, posting a picture of Devlin on her birthday alongside their children. Devlin also shared a photo of her baby bump, showcasing her growing belly and expressing her joy at expanding their family.

This news comes just a few months after McGregor’s highly anticipated return to the UFC ring, where he faced off against Dustin Poirier. Though the match ended in a loss for McGregor, he remains one of the most prominent figures in the world of professional fighting.

McGregor and Devlin have been together for over a decade and have been a steady presence in each other’s lives since the early days of McGregor’s career. Devlin has been a source of support and strength for McGregor, often seen by his side during his fights and accompanying him to various public events.

The couple’s three children, Conor Jr., Croia, and Rían, have already captured the hearts of fans worldwide. With the arrival of their fourth child, the family is sure to continue garnering attention and admiration from McGregor’s dedicated fan base.

McGregor and Devlin have yet to announce the expected arrival date or the gender of their new baby. However, fans eagerly anticipate further updates and eagerly await the newest addition to their growing family.

In the meantime, McGregor continues to stay active in the world of fighting, recently launching his own lifestyle and fashion brand, “August McGregor.” He remains a prominent figure in both the sports and entertainment industries.

Congratulations to Conor McGregor and Dee Devlin on this joyous news, and best wishes for a healthy and smooth pregnancy!

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