Container ship burned in Sri Lanka caused “significant damage to the planet”, says UN

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El buque portacontenedores incendiado en Sri Lanka causó "daños significativos al planeta", asegura la ONU

The fire declared on the cargo ship MV X-Press Pearl on May 20 while waiting to enter the port of Colombo, in Sri Lanka, has caused “significant damage to the planet due to the release of dangerous substances into the ecosystemassures the UN resident coordinator in the Asian country, Hanaa Singer-Hamdy.

Almost a month after the fire started, the MV X-Press Pearl ended up sinking into the sea on Thursday, June 17, raising concerns about a possible environmental disaster.

According to AP agency, an inventory to which he had access indicates that the ship was loading almost 1,500 containers, of which 81 carried products described as “dangerous“.

The UN said it was coordinating international efforts and mobilizing partners to help Sri Lanka cope with the disaster after receiving a request from the country’s government. “Our efforts are intended to support damage assessment, recovery efforts, and ensure the prevention of such disasters in the futureSinger-Hamdy noted.

A team of experts on oil and chemical spills provided by the European Union is working alongside Sri Lankan authorities and providing technical advisory support to the country’s experts on oil spill contingency planning, clean-up operations and impact assessment. in the environment from the disaster.

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