“Contrary to Rumors, No Fight Occurred Between Gerard Piqué and Shakira’s Brother”

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Gerard Piqué and Shakira are once again in the headlines, following reports that the former footballer had allegedly come to blows with Shakira’s brother, Tonino, during a visit to pick up their children. Shakira had recently moved to Miami with her children after selling the Barcelona mansion that she shared with Piqué, following the end of their relationship. This was reportedly Piqué’s first visit to the United States to see their children, and the alleged dispute with Tonino arose shortly after.

However, the claims have been strongly denied by close friends and paparazzi following Shakira. Journalist Jordi Martin was quick to dismiss the rumor, stating on Twitter that “It is flatly false that @3gerardpique has come to blows with Tonino, the brother of @shakira in Miami”. Similarly, sources close to the couple denied the allegations, confirming that Piqué saw Tonino, and that the children left with their father, but nothing else occurred.

The dispute was reportedly sparked during a heated argument between Piqué and Shakira, for which Tonino intervened. According to rumors, police had to be called to stop the altercation, although there is no official report on the incident.

Despite the rumors, Shakira and Piqué have remained tight-lipped on the matter, instead focusing on their own separate business ventures. While Shakira continues to pursue a successful career in music, Piqué has recently launched a gaming studio, aiming to bring the world of esports to the masses.

It remains to be seen what the future holds for the former couple, but for now, it seems that they are both focused on moving forward with their lives.

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