Control: Ultimate Edition | 505 Games reflects on its controversial paid update

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Control: Ultimate Edition is the complete and improved edition of the title with which Remedy tried to conquer science fiction lovers in summer 2019. As you know, its arrival was marked by controversy: from saved games that were not compatible between versions until the decision of 505 Games not to offer the free update to users who had purchased the original game. Now, almost a year after the controversy, company president Neil Ralley has decided to comment on the matter through an interview with the GameIndustry medium.

“As an editor, maybe we neither manage it, nor communicate it in the best way”, He points out. Ralley, although he does not hesitate to assure that everything they did was thinking of “the best” for their community. In addition, he attributes the decision to the fact of facing a transition of these characteristics for the first time: “We made some decisions that restricted the way in which we could make use of Smart Delivery”, he comments after clarifying that he uses the term of the functionality of Xbox to refer to all versions equally. Finally, it states that they have “learned” from what happened and that we will soon see it in updates such as Assetto Corsa Competizione and Ghostrunner, among others.

Control: Ultimate Edition, the best version of the latest from Remedy

Control was the first title from the popular developer after Quantum Break (2016). The title raised a lot of expectation thanks to its attractive proposal both playable and plot: a three-dimensional metroidvania full of action, search for secrets, battles against final bosses and a science fiction story that left no one indifferent. He later launched several expansions, including one based on Alan Wake and they are all included in the Ultimate Edition.

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In our analysis, we said that “the game tells a story with nods to David Lynch That hooks the hand of small mysteries that are uncovered as the plot progresses. The playable part is not far behind and offers some fun combats that mix telekinetic powers and third person shooting “and that”worth trying”.

Control: Ultimate Edition stands available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Google Stadia and Nintendo Switch (via streaming). It is also included in Xbox Game Pass.

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