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Controversial Star Allegedly ‘Ready & Waiting’ for Single Jennifer Lopez

So, it seems that if Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck divorce, Lopez will have a rather controversial star waiting for a second chance with her. Chances are, you probably don’t remember, but Lopez and Drake were briefly an item around a decade ago, and insiders claim he’s not waiting for her to be single again.

An insider recently told InTouch Weekly that Drake is “ready and waiting” for Lopez to hit the dating scene again.

“Of course, Drake isn’t going to hook up with her while she’s still married,” they said. “He’d never cross that line. But once things are officially done with Ben [Affleck], he’ll be ready and waiting to show her a good time.”

But for a fling? Oh no, Drake wants to seriously date her, according to this insider’s claims. They added, “Jennifer’s always been one of Drake’s biggest crushes, and he says that what they shared all those years ago was incredible. He never pushed for more then, but everyone knows he would have loved to seriously date her.”

However, insiders also claim that Lopez may be good and done with dating exes, past flings, etc. But Drake? They say he “may have a shot because they never got serious.”

For those who don’t know, back in 2016, after dating Caspar Smart and before Alex Rodriguez, Drake and Lopez were briefly an item. Per People, they sparked dating rumors at the end of 2016, even featuring one another on their Instagrams. He allegedly met her twins, and he even gifted her a $100,000 Tiffany necklace.

Now, it’s unclear if they talk today, but we do know she shaded him during her concert in 2019, and he’s been quite a controversial star after Kendrick Lamar accused Drake of pedophilia, having secret children, and more in his diss tracks.

Source: InTouch Weekly, People