Controversial Use of Disney Movie in Class Sparks Teacher’s Battle to Save Job

Importance of Communication between Teachers and Students

Effective communication is vital for a successful teaching experience. Teachers and students need to have an excellent rapport to facilitate the learning process. Classroom interactions can take various forms, and showing a movie in class can be an excellent way to break up the pace. However, for one teacher, it led to a fight for her job.

Controversy over a Disney Movie in Florida

Jenna Lynn, a teacher in Florida, was almost fired from her teaching position after showing a Disney movie to her class. Despite uploading a video on TikTok explaining her actions, a parent brought a suit against her, claiming that the movie was “improper” and “inappropriate” for the class.

The film in question was the 2022 animated movie, Strange World, which contained a gay character. Jenna Lynn tried to justify her choice by highlighting the reflective nature of the movie and her intention to teach about the importance of “compassion” and “love.”

Support for the Teacher

Jenna Lynn’s actions garnered support from netizens across the globe. Her video on TikTok received over 7 million views, with many people expressing their ignorance about gender-related concepts. Despite the controversy, Jenna Lynn still advocates for the movie, encouraging people to watch it and learn from it.

Controversial Disney Movies

Disney movies have always been surrounded by controversies. One of the most controversial movies is Ruby Bridges, which depicted a six-year-old girl’s journey to promote civil rights.

Most Watched Disney Movie

Avatar is the most-watched Disney movie in recent years, thanks to its director James Cameron. Its sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water, also made waves across the globe.

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Oldest Disney Movie

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, released in 1937, is Walt Disney’s first feature film. It is considered a milestone in the history of cinema and animation on the big screen.


Effective communication is essential for teachers and students. In the case of Jenna Lynn, her decision to show a Disney movie led to a controversial situation. However, the incident highlighted the importance of education on gender-related issues. Furthermore, Disney movies have always been surrounded by controversies, with some advocating for it and others condemning it. Despite the mixed reactions, Disney continues to be one of the most popular brands globally, with its movies breaking box office records each year.

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