Controversy in Argentina over the cancellation and censorship of Dragon Ball Super for symbolic violence

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Dragon Ball It’s a part of life for at least three generations, so fans have a particular feeling for this anime. That is why they were surprised in the last hours of Monday when the government of Buenos Aires, Argentina, reported that Cartoon Network was going to withdraw the series from its programming after a lawsuit for symbolic violence. What is the scene that generated controversy?

The Ministry of Women, Gender Policies and Sexual Diversity of the province of Buenos Aires notified the Office of the Public Defender of the Nation a particular episode of Dragon Ball Super in which a moment is specified in which symbolic violence is detected, marks the official statement. They continue to emphasize that one chapter reproduces the exercise of sexual violence by an elder towards a minor, in a context of social acceptance.

“As it is a channel installed as a reference in content aimed at children and with a wide regional scope, there is not exhaustive supervision by the adults in charge”, they detail. That is why the authorities, Estela Diaz and Lucía García Itzigsohn, expressed in writing their concern about the dissemination of a scene in which Master Roshi asks Woolong to allow her to use his “services” and become “a beautiful young lady”, and justifies himself by saying “my weak point is my perverted thoughts that I wish to overcome”. “Meanwhile, Woolong (a pig) recounts other situations of abuse that he suffered from the man”says the report.

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After the presentation of the complaint, the Directorate of Analysis, Investigation and Monitoring analyzed the episode and identified that the scene contains abuse and subjection by a male on an adolescent. Once the claim is settled, Both from Carton Network and from Warnermedia took measures, starting by withdrawing the anime completely from the air and stated that they will proceed to edit the entire series in order to return to the air as they had been doing.

The news caused Dragon Ball ranks among the top trends in Argentina, where fan comments blame cancellation and censorship as meaningless. Throughout its history, the anime has had to clarify more than one situation with Roshi, such as when they decided to cancel the program in Spain also due to scenes that can promote harassment.


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