Controversy in the MCU: Don Cheadle nominated for an Emmy for two minutes of performance

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Nominations for Emmy Awards 2021 they were a special night for Marvel Studios. The two shows of Disney+ that launched the brand could be awarded: WandaVision in 23 categories and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier in 5. Kevin Feige you are surely celebrating thanks to the success of the strategy of adding content to the MCU in series format for the streaming platform of Disney. There has already been an experience with programs like Agents of Shield or the entries of Marvel and Netflix.

However, WandaVision y The Falcon and the Winter Soldier maintain a stronger connection with the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe than its predecessors. In this sense, an important actor in the MCU participated in the series TFATWS, Don cheadle, which personifies James Rhodes, alias: War Machine.

Emmy nominated Don Cheadle

Why the controversy? The actor’s participation in the show did not exceed three minutes. That short time meant the interpreter the nomination to the Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series. Apparently, Cheadle’s performance wowed the nominees for the Emmy Awards.

The truth is that even the interpreter himself was surprised by the news and had time to take a statement about it to his social networks. Taking advantage Twitter, Cheadle expressed: “Thanks to those who wish me well. Sorry, Haters. I don’t understand it either, but here we go“. The controversy is on and the protagonist sat down. Nor does he understand the nomination.

Now we will have to see if Don Cheadle takes the prize of controversy in a context that may not be so favorable to Marvel, who will have to face dramatic content shows “more serious”.

+ Some reactions from fans for the actor’s nomination:

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Don Cheadle

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Don Cheadle

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Don Cheadle

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Don Cheadle

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