Controversy on TikTok: mother pretends to leave “mouse droppings” in her daughter’s room to encourage her to clean

For parents it can be a headache to teach their children to fulfill certain responsibilities and more when they are going through the adolescence stage. A woman in USAAware of this and tired of the disorder in her daughter’s bedroom, she applied an unusual tactic, which she documented in a video of TikTok.

With more than 16 million views, the viral video shows the narration of the complete disorder generated in the young woman’s room and a bag of organic rice that the mother bought to spray inside the room and thus pretend that it was mouse excrement. Although everything was done with the intention of the girl cleaning, there was some divided opinion on the social network.

In the first place, the comments showed a great surprise to see how said bedroom of the house was, in which there were clothes thrown on the floor as well as various objects. What’s more, it was almost impossible to walk inside it because everything was so disorganized.

A large sector of TikTok users spoke out in favor of this tactic and described it as a good idea because only then was the mother going to get her daughter to worry about her mess and clean her entire room.

However, there were also a lot of people who in the comments made it clear that their play was very over the top and a bit off putting. They considered that he could have applied other ways to achieve greater responsibility in his little girl.

After the video went viral, the mother decided to continue with the story through another publication, showing that, indeed, her plan paid off and that her daughter decided to get down to work and ordered her room, which now looks different. a neater and cleaner way. It is even seen that there is space for the house dog to rest inside said room.

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