Controversy with cockfights in Far Cry 6! PETA requests its withdrawal

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In the world of Far Cry 6, violence is common. The dictatorial regime of Antón Castillo collides head-on with the guerrillas, ready to do everything possible to end El Presidente’s reign of terror. Those who have tried the video game may have come across a very controversial minigame, cockfighting. The animal organization PETA did not like it at all, to the point of asking Ubisoft to remove it.

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PETA’s statement on Twitter

The minigame allows players to handle one of the roosters as if it were a fighting video game similar a Tekken. Meanwhile, PETA’s Latin American subsidiary has charged Ubisoft, as they consider it a violent practice that should not be reflected in an entertainment product.

“Glorifying this blood sport is far from being entertainment,” they write on social media. “In fights royal roosters are placed with sharp knives that tear flesh and bone, causing fatal and agonizing wounds. We urge Ubisoft to replace the horrific Far Cry 6 minigame!”. At the moment, the French developer has not commented on the matter.

This new production developed by Ubisoft Toronto and Montreal takes us to a fictional location of the Caribbean, the island of Yara. It is a country inspired by Cuba and other nations that have experienced revolutions. Victim of an economic blockade, Yara has remained frozen in time. Chronic violence has facilitated the rise of Antón Castillo, more concerned with his grandiose goals than the well-being of his people. Anyone who opposes him is described as a “false yarano.”

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Far Cry 6 has been available since October 7 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC and Google Stadia.

Source | PETA (Twitter)


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