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Cook in Germany wanted for $40,000 salary

The Employment Portal, belonging to the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, has come up with new job vacancies. One of them is aimed at Mexicans who want to work as cooks in Germany. The vacancy is open for cooks in various restaurants and hotels in different regions of Germany.


To apply for the job, the applicant should have knowledge of international food, with specializations in German, Italian, and/or American food. The applicant must be experienced and have a Bachelor’s Degree in Gastronomy. One must also have a clean work method along with knowledge of basic sauces, garnishes, meat, fish, and shellfish.


Chefs must prepare menu items for diners, event area, and conferences. Besides, they should receive merchandise, supervise quality control and documentation. Personnel with “ability to work under pressure and flexibility” are sought.


Availability to work in a team, proactivity, motivation, and client orientation are the key skills required for the job.

Salary and Benefits

The approximate salary is 40,000 pesos per month and they offer health insurance. The contract is for a determined time. Employers often pay for travel and some for lodging for temporary stays.

Mexican Government’s Alliance

The Mexican government has an alliance to send workers abroad. The variety of offers covers different sectors such as farmers, welders, mechanics, laboratory workers, and professionals like accountants can apply.

How to Apply

Enter the Employment Portal page (here) to monitor vacancies. Applicants should keep checking the page frequently as it may take time for new job listings to appear.

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