Cooperative in Halo Infinite? A user finds a glitch that makes it possible

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Halo Infinite has starred in one of the most important launches of 2021. The long-awaited campaign has been added to the multiplayer mode launched in November, but there is something we will still have to wait for: the long-awaited cooperative. Of course, not all: there is already a user who has managed to play like this, although to do so he had to take advantage of a glitch. Here is the video of Nobleactual4, the Twitter user who discovered it, along with the steps he has followed to make it work.

The procedure is as follows: connect a second controller to the console and log into an Xbox account, while the game is open without an internet connection. Then, start the campaign with the first command and within the game, press “start” and then the “back” option. Finally, use the second control to press “start” again. Notably this is nothing more than a system failure, and as such, the user in question reports that it is “broken” and that the second player will experience numerous problems such as the loss of the HUD on the screen, among others.

When will Cooperative Mode arrive?

According to the words of Joseph Staten of 343 Industries, we will have to wait at least for May 2022. Their inclusion is subject to the end of Season 1, the duration of which was extended to 6 months from the game’s launch. For its part, Forge Mode is scheduled for the closing of the second season, which will take place in August 2022.

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Halo Infinite is out available on PC, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One and is included in the catalog of Xbox Game Pass for all platforms. In addition, the multiplayer mode can also be downloaded independently and free of charge (also on Steam).

Source | Nobleactual4 in Twitter


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