Coque López, world champion with Toyota at the 2021 FIA Gran Turismo Championships

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Coque Lopez, professional Spanish pilot of simracing, has just been proclaimed world champion with Toyota in the final of the Manufacturer Series held this Saturday in the FIA Gran Turismo Championships 2021.

We are talking about the official competition held with Gran Turismo Sport, Polyphony Digital’s successful driving title available for PS4 and PS5 (via backward compatibility) with a clear focus on competition.

It is the first time in history that a Spanish rider has managed to climb to the top of the podium in a world final of this caliber, an official championship of the International Automobile Federation; which makes clear the national talent in electronic sports competitions and, more specifically, Coque López’s ability in simracing.

A competition with two proper names: Coque López and Jorge Serrano

Coque López has been in charge of taking the lead on behalf of his team in the first of the races of these FIA ​​finals. The Spanish started from pole after a qualifying session to remember, immaculate.

The Spanish rider has dominated his sleeve at all times, finishing in first position and thus awarding some very important points for his team. Then his teammates Tomoaki Yamanaka and Igor Fraga sealed their name in history with Toyota with two more victories, guaranteeing them the achievement of the manufacturers’ title.

Mazda, a great rival of Toyota, has closed another almost flawless session that has served them to obtain the silver medal.

Jose Serrano, another young Spanish driver with a spectacular projection, has also signed a great performance for the Porsche team, where he competes. Serrano has finished in second position in his sleeve, only surpassed by the one who is today the protagonist, Coque López. All in all, Porsche finished third in the final, so Serrano put his feet on the podium alongside his team-mates Ángel Inostroza and Tatsuya Sugawara.

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You can find out the results and rankings of the Manufacturer Series World Final here. To fully relive the Manufacturer Series Grand Final, just click this link.


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