Core celebrates the Multiverse Games Summer 2021, its particular Olympics; dates

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The taste of the Olympics comes to Core. The Multiverse Games Summer 2021 allows the community to represent their country while playing 12 original games on the platform. The participation, free, will enter you into a fight to get a share of the $ 25,000 in prizes that will be distributed.

Multiverse Games Summer 2021: complete calendar

The opening It was held on July 26, when the daily exhibition games phase began with well-known faces from the world of video games. Until July 30, you can see the likes of Greg Miller, Brian Altano, Max Scovile and members of the Kinda Funny team play.

The next date to consider It will be on July 28 at 8:00 p.m. CEST. That Wednesday, Dreamhack Beyond streamers will face off in games for a charity fundraiser. For each victory, $ 5,000 will go to the association chosen by the winner; so up to $ 25,000.

Lastly we will see the grand finale, expected for him August 5 at 20:00 CEST. On the closing day, all the guests will return to fight one last battle. This combat will be something more special if possible, since they will do it in the new Core feature: Project God mode.

Until the final day, all users who sign up have the opportunity to represent any of the 20 real countries available, who will have cosmetic elements and aspects available with national colors. During this framework, the lobby will have a Tokyo theme, which will be at the same time the link through which to access the games and content created for this event.

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“Swimming, long-distance running and gymnastics are very interesting sports, but this event brings a kind of competition that is only possible in Core,” explains the publishing company in a press release. “Players will spend two weeks trying to climb the rankings of 12 original Core games. If you’ve ever wondered how gravity guns work in a soccer game or what it’s like to participate in a torpedo jet ski race, compete and find out. “

Source: Press release (ICO Partners)


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