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Corey Gamble Gives Fans Bad Vibes with 'Weird Creep' Behavior

Corey Gamble Gives Fans Bad Vibes with ‘Weird Creep’ Behavior

Kris Jenner may adore Corey Gamble, but her fans clearly have mixed feelings about him. On an online thread, several fans have voiced their negative opinions about Corey, labeling him as a ‘weird creep.’

While Kris Jenner enjoys a significant fanbase, Corey doesn’t seem to be as lucky. Kris and Corey have been together for years after her separation from Bruce Jenner. With Kris being 68 and Corey 43, their age gap has never been a problem for them. However, their relationship dynamics seem to be unsettling for some fans.

Despite the couple’s apparent happiness, certain fans are skeptical about Corey and his intentions. Many feel uncomfortable with his presence, even describing him as giving off ‘bad vibes.’ Expressing their thoughts on Reddit, some fans didn’t hold back in their criticism.

“Corey gives me bad vibes and the creeps. Something not right,” one user stated.

Fans also recalled a specific incident from an earlier season of The Kardashians where Corey told Scott Disick that he would hit his daughter, Penelope Disick.

“After he said he’d hit Penelope even after Kourt and Scott said that wouldn’t be okay, I’ve had an awful feeling about him. I don’t know how Kris could just sit there and watch her boyfriend argue with Scott about how to raise SCOTTS kid. F***ing weirdo,” another user shared.

Adding to this, some fans have pointed out that Corey appears to be attracted to Kris’ youngest daughter, Kylie Jenner.

“Yeah, Corey is gross AF,” wrote a user. “He is obviously super attracted to Kylie, and it is extremely uncomfortable and creepy to watch.”

Issues with Corey don’t seem to end there. Some fans are speculating that Khloe Kardashian might also have unease about him. Observations from a recent episode sparked discussions.

“I noticed a weird atmosphere between them in this week’s episode,” one fan remarked on Reddit.

However, not everyone agrees with this perception. Some believe that Khloe Kardashian’s aggressive nature might be making Corey uncomfortable.

“Corey is a weird creep, but Khloe goes out of her way to aggressively question and interrogate every man in the family except for her men,” commented a fan, referencing Tristan Thompson’s questionable behavior. “She needs to calm down and mind her own business until her own life is in order,” they continued.

As The Kardashians show progresses, it will be interesting to see if more fans continue to view Corey in a negative light.

What do you think about Corey Gamble? Do you see him as a good guy or do you find something weird and creepy about him? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: TV Shows Ace