Corruption comes to New World: some governors are stealing money from their companies and fleeing to other factions

Fiction does not surpass reality this time, but it does imitate it. Political corruption has come to New World. “I never stole gold“says one of the New World governors.”I took the gold from the treasury of the company I was co-owner of at the time“.

The Stibs player has seen his reputation tarnished, as have many others who have begun to make a practice very frowned upon in the video game community. This player took 15,000 gold coins from your company / clan / faction treasury and then left it and joined another faction. And despite his questionable moral and ethical decision, he expresses that he had his reasons. In the end, Stibs returned all the money: “When I found out they didn’t want to change, I returned the gold … It was probably 25% mine. But I didn’t even keep some gold … I returned the 15k“.

Despite all measures taken by Amazon Games to prevent the getting gold by cheatingSome players have found corruption, embezzlement and treason the way to get huge sums of money. These governors control the faction’s gold, which at first sounds like a very interesting mechanic. Nevertheless, the ability to change faction and even server makes you take the gold and run away with it (which doesn’t happen in real life, right?) be a very sweet option.

The lack of transparency and limits for governors and consuls is very scary“says Milvan, former governor of a company called Gryphons.”Any governor or consul can withdraw any amount of gold they want at any time and there is not even a treasury register to keep track of that.“.

While, Amazon Games Studios calls it “a social risk that is built into the gameCreative Director David Verfaillie argues: “Ideally, players will behave and be good human companions, but the power to influence change carries some risk. We believe this risk is worth the dynamic and ever-changing world it creates … The intention is to create a world where players can have an impact and give them the tools to make their own decisions … where players feel that their actions have consequences and weight“.

On the opposite side we find Crociata, a player who is part of a company of +80 players and who suffered the escape of his governor with all the money. He disappeared. “What makes everything worse is that we financed the first war on this server“, dice. “That [dinero] it was what we had collected“The figure that Stibs stole was child’s play compared to the former governor of this faction, who took a total of 35,000 gold coins.

These “escapades” are not new to the video game industry. On EVE Online these types of actions are accepted by many players as sabotage and espionage. In fact, many of these corrupt New World rulers try to get these practices accepted. The problem is that this can be a huge blow to one of the most interesting mechanics in the game, wars and factions, and also to the economy. Real life brought to New World.

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