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Cory Cross’ Debut Album ‘There’s More’ for Honky Tonk Lovers and the Brokenhearted

If you’re a fan of classic honky tonk sound, let us introduce you to your next favorite artist: Cory Cross. Cory Cross is a Texas native who carries on the sound of pioneers like Townes Van Zandt, Jerry Jeff Walker, and the living legend Willie Nelson while intertwining the poetic songwriting of those like John Prine.

Cory Cross’ sound instantly transports you to a hazy Austin, Texas honky tonk like White Horse or Sagebrush. Knowing that he had wanted to make music his whole life, after a few challenges, Cross got back on the road to chase his dream. He kept his head down and nose to the grindstone to make it come to life.

Cross has been on the Texas scene for quite some time, even selling out venues in New York and Los Angeles, but a life on the road makes it hard to get into the studio, making the release of his debut album, There’s More, long overdue.

“Our debut album ‘There’s More’ is out now! No matter how well this album does, this feels like a big moment for me. All I’ve ever wanted to do with my life is play music, but I spent decades getting in my own way. Music took a backseat to my addictions for a long time, so putting together a 14-song album with all the background stuff that goes into it feels like a big deal.”

Throughout the fourteen tracks on the record, listeners are taken through a rollercoaster with an honest lens of life on the road, navigating relationships, and working to better themselves continually. With the wines of the steel guitar and fiddle found on every track, it is rooted in the sounds of classic country music, and Cross’ timeless twang will have listeners hooked after the first track on the record, “100 Miles.”

From the upbeat heaters like “Done Being Good (For Good)” and “Too Drunk To Swim” to the songs that hurt the heart like “Old Flame” and “Might As Well Get High (I’m Already Lonesome),” there is a song for every phase of life on this album. There’s More is cold, hard proof that country music is alive and well. Cross came out of the gate swinging with this album, and I am already looking forward to what else is in store for this budding artist.

Fire up some of our favorites.

“100 Miles”

“Too Drunk To Swim”

“Good Enough Today”

Source: Instagram, YouTube