Coté López joked with Mariana Di Girolamo for being inspired by her for a role

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The influencer and businesswoman joked with the renowned Chilean actress.

A few days ago, the Chilean actress Mariana Di Girolamo won the Best Actress award at the Aswan Women’s Festival, in Egypt, for his role in the film Veronica.

The film follows the wife of a renowned footballer, who is also an influencer and was inspired by Coté López, as revealed by Di Girolamo herself. “Verónica is a fictional character that yes, I was inspired a little by Coté López, but not traced. It was a bit to understand the role of the model / influencer,” Di Girólamo told the section Worship from the Chilean environment Third.

Coté, who is the footballer’s wife Luis Jimenez, raised his voice on Monday night and referred to the actress’s statements.

“During these days they have shared with me, I don’t know how many people, this inspiration in me for the character of Mariana, etc., and they ask me if I am proud and everything but, apparently, it is not a good character,” she began by saying Lopez.

After this, the wife of “Mago” Jiménez clarified that the actress was not based on her personality for the character, but on the role of being the wife of a soccer player. “It’s not like it brings out the good in me. It is assumed that it was only inspired by the theme that I am a soccer player and that I am known but nothing more than that,” said the businesswoman.

Finally, Coté joked on the actress, saying that “it seems … If not, Mariana, we are going to fight a terrible brigid. Just kidding, kidding. Just kidding! Then I see in the headlines that ‘Coté tells Mariana we’re going to fight. ‘I’m kidding, “the 32-year-old influencer closed.

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