Cotton test for Atlético Baleares

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With the aim of remaining undefeated, and if possible get a little closer to the leadership of the group, Atlético Baleares travel to Madrid to face the sixth day of the league tomorrow, against Real Madrid Castilla in the First RFEF Footters (12 noon at the Estadio Alfredo Di StefanO).

The blue and white team will face off against the Madrid subsidiary. The cadre that directs Raúl González Blanco he is twelfth in the standings, with two wins (at home) and three losses. The white subsidiary is designed to play the promotion play-offs to the Smartbank league. Anything other than this goal will be a huge disappointment for a club that has one of the highest budget in the group. A Real Madrid Castilla that has managed to put together a very good team, with young players of great technical quality and with a very promising future, some already with prominence in the first team.

In their ranks outstanding players and with a huge poster like the side Sergio Santos, the clever extreme Oscar Aranda with three targets, or the Majorcans Pablo Ramon (the center-back with the most minutes played to date), or the former Penya Arrabal and U19 international striker Marvin Park. Not forgetting the Iceland striker Gudjohnsen, and several familiar faces from other seasons such as Peter, Marvin, Dotor, Morante, etc. In short, an exceptional squad with a great projection.

In the sporting aspect, the blue and white coach has already known casualties from the central Josep Jaume, who will be in dry dock for 10 to 12 weeks, the midfielder Miguel Angel Cordero that does not just start, the low of the left side Jesus Alvaro and the Andalusian Alfonso Martin with a sprained ankle.

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The possible eleven will necessarily differ from the one that beat Betis Deportivo and could be formed by: René, under sticks, like centrals: Carlos Delgado and Olaortua. On the sides: Ferrone and Vilarrasa, who would debut as a starter since his arrival at the Blue and White club. In midfield, they would repeat as pivots: Ezequiel Petcoff and Armando Sashoua. The bands for Canary and Hugo Rodriguez. In point two soccer players with a goal: Dioni and Vinicius Tank (six goals already between the two). In the call for another week the versatile Santanyí midfielder Toni Ramon.

As he recognized himself Xavi Calm at a press conference last Friday «I think the party is in the areas, we have to be forceful in the areas, in both, especially in his, and we have to try to get as far as possible to his punishment zone which may be where they suffer a little more. Physically the team arrives well, we know that it will be a demanding match like all of them ».

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