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Couldn’t He Just Tell Him That in Person?

The View hosts Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin strongly criticized George Clooney over an op-ed the filmmaker wrote, urging President Joe Biden to step down as the Democratic Party’s nominee for the upcoming election.

Behar expressed her frustration with the growing number of Democrats questioning Biden’s ability to win against Trump, especially following last month’s CNN debate. She stressed that some people “don’t understand what’s at stake yet.”

Regarding Clooney’s op-ed, Behar questioned, “Couldn’t he tell him that in person for God’s sake?! He has to write an op-ed piece?” She added, “The World Bank said last month that the U.S. economy under Biden is boosting up the entire global economy right now. Why doesn’t George Clooney mention that in his op-ed piece? I’m mad at George Clooney right now, even though we dated…I wish.”

Alyssa Farah Griffin and Sara Haines countered by defending Clooney’s decision to openly share his views about Biden just weeks after meeting him at a fundraiser. Griffin remarked, “Biden’s feelings don’t matter more than the country.”

She emphasized that this wasn’t a media narrative but rather lifelong Democrats wanting to defeat Donald Trump and knowing that Joe Biden might not be the best candidate under current circumstances.

Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin were also critical of Clooney’s choice to use his public platform to criticize Biden. Hostin accused him of airing “dirty laundry,” saying, “I don’t like that George Clooney did this. I don’t like that George Clooney aired this dirty laundry to the world.”

She reiterated that while such conversations are essential given the stakes for democracy, they should be conducted privately and with the utmost respect for the Commander in Chief.

Watch above via ABC.

Source: Mediaite