Courtney Love Says that Johnny Depp saved her life after an Overdose in 1995

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The court battle between actor Johnny Depp and his ex-wife, fellow actress Amber Heard, is scheduled to end next Friday. A process which they were estimated to last about six weeks, and in which, thanks to the testimony of its protagonists and all the witnesses, the public has been able to get an idea of what life was like for both during their marriage.

A relationship based on alcohol, drugs, and mutual violence that is not leaving anyone indifferent. The witnesses of each part, in addition, continue to add fuel to the fire and destroy a little more the image of one and the other. That, not to mention the opinions of celebrities who have gotten wet on the subject, with many of them having to rectify and apologize for their words. This is the case of Courtney Love, who at the weekend was forced to clarify her comments after confessing that Johnny Depp saved her from certain death by overdose in 1995.


A friend of the singer accidentally posted a video on her Instagram account in which Kurt Cobain’s wife expressed her opinion about the process. Sincere, she said she “didn’t want to judge anyone publicly,” but made a surprising confession: “Johnny made me CPR in 1995 when I overdosed outside The Viper Room.” A revelation with which he showed his support for the actor and crossed out the testimonies as that of the actress Ellen Barkin, who branded him as “manipulative” and “controlling” in their relationship.

A very complicated moment in the life of the singer, who at that time was trying to overcome the death of her husband and father of her daughter, Kurt Cobain, who took his own life a few months before with only 27 years. Thus, the singer took refuge in drugs, unable to move forward either for herself or for the well-being of her daughter Frances, who at that time was only two years old. His usual refuge was The Viper Room, the controversial place that brought together all the celebrities of the moment, whose co-owner was Johnny Depp, and where another mythical actor of his generation, River Phoenix, tragically died, who lost his life in the place in 1993, also by overdose, with only 23 years.

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In addition, the leader of the band Hole also wanted to make it clear that Johnny Depp had not only saved her life that night, but had cared about her daughter’s well-being on multiple occasions, even sending her a letter on her 13th birthday.

Courtney Love

“Johnny, when she was hooked on heroin and Frances had to suffer and deal with all those social workers, she wrote a four-page letter to my daughter that she has never taught me,” she explains in the video, “She sent limousines to school where social workers fluttered, invited her and all her friends to watch Pirates of the Caribbean; he reserved his place with his name. Frances loved her movies and told me, when she was 13, “Mom, he’s saved my life.” And he’s repeated it other times.”

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