Courtois boasts a new Ferrari after renovating: a 620-horsepower, 250,000-euro Gran Turismo

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Thibaut Courtois he is happy, personally and professionally. As for his private life, a few days ago he confirmed his romance with the Israeli influencer Mishel Gerzig on his social networks. “The love of my life,” he said, referring to her in a photo of both of them. And in sports, he remains the undisputed owner and savior of Real Madrid, a club with which he has renewed until 2026.

An extension of the contract that he has ‘celebrated’ showing off Ferrari again upon his arrival in Valdebebas. A spectacular sports car considered as a Gran Turismo that is valued at about 250.000 euros and that it went on sale in our country about a year ago. It is an atypical Ferrari due to its characteristics, with a 620 horsepower engine.

«The Ferrari Roma reaches the pinnacle of performance in its category with its V8 turbo engine, a new exponent of the engine family that has won the International Engine of the Year award for four consecutive years. In this version, the engine develops 620 hp at 7,500 rpm, associated with the new eight-speed DCT gearbox that was presented with the SF90 Stradale ”, explains the Italian company itself.

From Ferrari they revealed that the new coupe is inspired by the ‘Dolce Vita’, something that is evident in various details, such as the smooth shapes of its aerodynamic bodywork or, above all, the front assembly: the nose is really low and sharp, the The grille is chrome-plated, has a mesh effect and appears to be fused with the bodywork, and the headlamps are highly stylized. A Ferrari that made Courtois fall in love, who teaches it now when he arrives in Valdebebas to train.

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