COVID-19 outbreak in Miss Mexico leaves half of the candidates infected

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Mexico has a new representative of beauty, but the contest is giving something to talk about.

As reported by the journalist Carlos Loret de Mola, 15 of the 32 participants tested positive for Coronavirus. “They report a Covid outbreak in # MissMéxico: of the 32 participants, 15 would have tested positive,” he wrote on his social networks.

Eduardo Fernández Herrera, Secretary of Health of the state of Chihuahua confirmed the information on the radio program Así las cosas.

The candidates had been living together for several days, and last week it was known that they modified the itinerary.

The representative from Chihuahua, Isela Serrano, reported in his networks that his absence during the final was due to the emergency hospitalization he had.

When asking the official if the organizers withheld information, he assured that they did, since the outbreak transcended thanks to a complaint from a relative of the girls.

On July 1, Karina Vidales as Miss Mexico for the next edition of Miss World. It is unknown if the winner was one of the infected

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