COVID-19 vaccine TODAY: who will be vaccinated this week

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After achieving the application of 735,294 doses during the fourth day of the “Vaccination against COVID-19”Held last weekend for 60 continuous hours, starting today, Monday, August 9, immunization will begin for adolescents aged 12 to 17 who have received an organ transplant.

As reported by the Ministry of Health (Minsa), this vulnerable population group will have as a vaccination point the Exhibition Park located in the Cercado de Lima, where the vaccination days are held from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

This population group will be inoculated with the two doses of Pfizer because it is the only vaccine that, so far, has received the go-ahead to be applied in people between 12 and 17 years of age.

As happened with people over 18 who were recipients of organs, progenitor cells and hematopoietics, for adolescents 12 to 17 years there is also a vaccination protocol established by the national health authority.

To get started, vaccination of a person who has received a transplant should occur six months after the surgery. But, before vaccination, people with transplants will need to be evaluated by their treating doctors.

In vaccination centers, people must show their card, proof, certificate or any document issued by the transplant unit of a health facility.

And, in case they have a severe disability, they can request vaccination at home. For this, the visit of a brigade will be scheduled through the health facilities where they are treated or by calling 113 or 107.

Considering that since August 7, vaccines against COVID-19 are already applied to adults over 38 years of age, after consulting the registry, in the which are located in various districts of Metropolitan Lima and Callao, this week “The vaccination will be carried out in strict compliance with the schedule established on the Pongo el Hombro platform”, according to the Vice Ministry of Health.

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But, in addition to adults 38 years of age and older, adolescents with Down syndrome and people over 40 who are scheduled for their second dose will also be cared for.

Similarly, adolescents with severe mental disorder or neurodevelopmental disorder will be cared for, as well as those with rare and orphan diseases. They should approach any vaccination center presenting a certificate or document that allows verifying their condition.

While the pregnant teenagers They can go to any vaccination center if they are 28 weeks pregnant, a situation that will be verified with their prenatal care card, which can be obtained immediately by going to a health facility. But, due to their condition as adolescents, they will only be inoculated in the presence of a relative or guardian who will sign the informed consent.

To find out if your vaccination date has already been scheduled, you can do it through the that has been authorized by the government as part of the national vaccination campaign .

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