Create fully functional, full-scale, brutal Halo Warthog with over 1,000 hp

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A Spectacular New Team Creation Arrives Hoonigan with stunt driver Ken Block at the front, common in several collaborations with the saga Power from Microsoft. And it is that they have been able to recreate the iconic and brutal Warthorg, the 4×4 vehicle of the Halo saga, full-scale and fully functional with a powerful engine that exceeds the 1,000 hp of power. And the result cannot be better.

Warthorg: from the Halo franchise to the real world

Thus, and with the idea of ​​making the 4×4 military vehicle from the Halo saga, the guys at Hoonigan went to work to create the most realistic Warthorg possible, both aesthetically and mechanically, including a powerful V8 biturbo engine 7.2-liter Ford origin from nothing more and nothing less than 1.060 CV. Mind you, the turret and heavy weaponry of the virtual vehicle have been discarded for obvious reasons; otherwise, we are facing the more faithful recreation possible from the Master Chief’s military vehicle.

And it is that nothing has been spared, transferring every last detail of the original designs of the Warthorg from video games to reality, all to achieve an imposing vehicle with a chassis inherited from a rock-crawler, all-wheel drive, gigantic 43 inch wheels, the peculiar curved windshield, front hook and auxiliary lights … it has it all, including a worn effect for the body, as if fresh from the battle against the Covenant.

Its managers will share a new video every week until October 14 explaining the creation process of this authentic 4-wheel monster; for the moment we leave you with the first delivery.

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Halo fans should keep an eye on the next one Xbox Series X special edition Halo Infinite, a fully customized console with motifs from the next installment of the Master Chief with a matching controller.

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