Create in Russia a ‘spherical’ drone for the recognition of confined spaces

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Within the framework of the Armiya 2021 military-technical forum, the Russian Defense Ministry presented this Sunday the Muja (Mosca) drone, capable of carrying out reconnaissance missions in confined spaces. informs RIA Novosti.

The unmanned aircraft, which is equipped with different devices, can capture information from areas and spaces that are difficult to access. In order to carry out her tasks, Muja has a protective sphere made of carbon fiber from 70 centimeters in diameter, which prevents the propellers of the device from colliding with other objects. The parameters of the protective layer ensure that the apparatus carries more payload and stay airborne up to 22 minutes in autonomous regime.

Meanwhile, the project designers from the ERA center aim to develop control algorithms based on surface intelligence and technical vision technologies in the future.

The Patriot Park in the city of Kúbinka, about 60 kilometers west of Moscow, will host the Armiya 2021 international forum this Sunday, where some 28,000 models of weapons will be exhibited, including the most recent designs.

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