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Creating QR codes: Nirsoft freeware put to the test

On every corner of the Internet, services offer to generate QR codes for entered data. Instead of entrusting the WLAN password to an unknown website, SimpleCodeGenerator is a tool for the home PC. It converts URLs, e-mail addresses or WLAN access data into QR codes without using a server.

The tool, which is only 65 KByte in size, can be started directly without installation. In order to create a QR code that should contain something other than a URL, the information to be converted usually has to be in a special format; the access data for a WLAN are coded as follows, for example: WIFI:T:<WPA, WPE etc.>;S:<Netzwerkname>;P:<WLAN-Passwort>;; – The manufacturer has links to other possible uses on your own side. The tool processes the coded data directly as a QR code without checking them. An export is then possible in the usual formats such as PNG or JPG.

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More from c't magazine

More from c't magazine

More from c't magazine

For QR codes that should contain extensive information, you have to activate the multi-line mode. The tool can not only be used interactively, but also from the command line. This is useful for automating the coding of QR codes. A separately downloadable language package converts the user interface to German.



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