Creed 3: Release Date, Cast, and Everything We Know

Creed 3 is about to land! With the success that this film has amassed in its previous installments, it is not surprising that it was entitled to a sequel, but the most surprising thing is that it was presented as the last chapter of Rocky’s story.

In addition, new actors will join the cast! And all we can tell you is that they are not just amateurs. This new saga will risk echoing its release! Without further ado, discover through this article everything we know about this upcoming film!

Creed 3 Release Date

The release of the third part “Creed 3” is currently scheduled for November 23, 2022. It seems that this film will be broadcast on the occasion of the Thanksgiving weekend in the United States. The perfect gift for fans! The latter are just waiting for that!

Even if this date still seems far away, it is set in stone. However, with the constant changes in movie schedules, we can expect everything! And that’s what fans fear the most!

Creed 3 Cast

Creed 3

Before getting to the heart of the matter, it is necessary to remind you that Creed 3 is the result of the collaboration between two renowned directors in the field of cinematography! Indeed, this feature film is the result of the work of Rocky and the star Michael B. Jordan! It will also be the first film of the latter. The scripts have already been written for a few weeks now. But they have just completed the casting of the secondary characters of the film.

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Indeed, we will see new heads in Creed 3! Among them, we will find the following actors: Selenis Leyvax, Thaddeus J.Mixson, Spencer Moore II, and finally Mila Davis-Kent. ! Basically, there have been four new recruits who are just as talented as each other. In addition, we will also see Michael on the front of the stage! The latter will play the role of “Donnie”.

Of course, we will find the old characters in Creed 3! Tessa Thompson, Wood Harris, Florian Munteanu, and Phylicia Rashad will reprise their respective roles in this new program in the future. However, it seems that Sylvester Stallone does not appear on the list of actors. Viewers give way to a somewhat radical assumption. Indeed, this money thinks that the character of Rocky could be killed!

Among the new additions in Creed 3, there is an actress who is necessarily familiar to us! This is Leyva. The latter gave life to the role of Gloria Mendoza during the 6 long seasons of Orange. A phenomenal series that you can also include in your list of “to watch” programs.

Other Details

If Creed 3 does feature Lang’s son as the main antagonist, we could end up with a movie that looks a lot like the previous installment. But following the addition of new characters and a talented team behind the production, there’s a good chance this one will be new!

It would also seem that there will be a change of scenery. Indeed, at the end of the second part, Adonis and Bianca had moved to Los Angeles, California, with their little girl, Amara. However, all these remain only guesses! At the moment, there are no confirmed details about the plot yet. Viewers are also eager to discover what the feature film has in store for them!

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Since April 2021, the film is shot in New York. This does not facilitate the move to Los Angeles. But who knows what cinematic magic they will operate. As a result, it will be necessary to wait a few months before images are broadcast. But to allow you to wait for the release of Creed 3, you still have the option to replay the latest releases (the first and second part) on the Amazon Prime Video platform.

For actor Michael B. Jordan, the shooting of Creed 3 was quite an adventure! He said it allowed him to understand each other better. Also, this program has allowed him to draw life lessons that are currently useful for him to evolve but especially to keep his bearings! “I’m personally maturing, growing professionally, and learning from greats like Ryan Coogler,” he said!

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