Creepy trailer for Maligno: pure supernatural terror from the hand of James Wan

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James Wan |, the famous film director known for creating some of the most celebrated horror franchises of recent times such as Saw, Insidious O The Conjuring and direct other blockbusters like Aquaman O Furious 7, has a new film of his favorite genre: horror. And we already have a new trailer for Evil one (Malignant), advance that you can see heading this news and that promises good doses of supernatural terror through this new slasher.

New trailer for Evil by James Wan

A) Yes, Warner Bros. Y New Line Cinema They have released a new trailer that promises to return us to the best horror experiences created by the Malaysian director. And the best of all is that Maligno already has a release date in Spain, since it has already been confirmed that it will hit theaters next September 10, 2021. Along with the trailer, its creators have shared their official synopsis:

“There is a murderer roaming free, but he may not exist within our reality. The story centers on Madison, who is paralyzed by shocking visions of grisly murders; and his torment worsens when he discovers that these waking dreams are, in fact, terrifying realities “, they tell us from Warner Bros.

And is that according to the director, Maligno is the result of his goal of creating something original that bring something new to the genre and, in a way, I changed it, betting on a different product to everything it has done so far, while preserving “the spirit of the thrillers I grew up with,” says Wan.

We leave you with him evil poster, a film that will hit theaters on September 10, 2021. Currently, James Wan is directing Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, the sequel to Aquaman with Jason Momoa as part of the DC Expanded Universe.

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