Crimesight is Konami’s new mystery game, sign up for the beta!

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Konami has announced Crimesight, a game that they define as a mystery adventure where the investigation will be crucial, since the player must deduce who is the culprit, but also discover the identity of the victim. This is a production that in principle will be released exclusively for PC through Steam. The Japanese company has published the first images and the official trailer, which you can see in this news. In addition, it has confirmed a closed beta, so that some lucky ones will have the opportunity to try the experience before its launch.

The game still has no date, so we will have to wait for future communications from Konami. What is known is that it will be set in London in 2075, a time when crimes can be predicted thanks to specific software. As a result, crime in the world has dropped by 90%. All in all, the system has detected an anomaly that could change reality forever. This being the case, action will have to be taken to prevent this future crime.

Sherlock, a clear tribute to the best-known detective in the world of fiction, is an artificial intelligence capable of discovering the mysteries of the truth. He waits patiently for his rival, as he will face a formidable opponent, Moriaty, a brilliant criminal mind.

Everything you need to know about the beta

Players interested in testing the closed beta will have to register within the established deadline, that is, from June 24 to July 7. The test itself will take place from this June 25 until next July 11. There are basically two methods to register, although neither of them guarantees access. Konami has explained that the participants will be selected randomly, so those who win it will get a download code. The methods are as follows:

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