“Cristián de la Fuente Clears the Air: Mistaken Identity with Ricky Martin”

Cristián de la Fuente: Confused with Ricky Martin at the Beginning of His Career

Cristián de la Fuente is one of the most established leading men in the world of soap operas, having been in the industry for almost 50 years. However, his profession has not always been smooth sailing. He recently revealed that at the beginning of his career, he was often confused with none other than the iconic Ricky Martin.

De la Fuente recounted the embarrassing incident during his early days in the industry. He was doing a series in Tijuana for Telemundo and was invited to present an award at the Billboard. As he arrived, a man asked him for an autograph for his wife, which he gladly signed with his name. However, the man then told him “hey, Livin’ La Vida Loca.”

Despite the confusion, de la Fuente has expressed his admiration and affection for Ricky Martin on multiple occasions. He has even revealed some details of the close relationship he maintains with the Puerto Rican singer. They have become good friends over the years and have helped each other out during times of need.

“When you see him several times, a relationship begins and every time we have needed Ricky it was for the first earthquake that occurred in Chile, and we also held an auction, and he always sends us something of his. When he came to Chile I went to see him at the concert, and little by little you are making a friendship, we live in the same place, and it’s super,” he said during an interview on the Chilean program “La Noche es Nuestra.”

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In conclusion, while de la Fuente’s early career may have been marred by the confusion with Ricky Martin, he has since established himself as a respected leading man in the soap opera industry, and his friendship with Martin has only grown stronger over time.

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