Cristian Zuárez warns in case Laura Bozzo goes to prison: I’m going to give the names

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Cristian Zuarez He held an interview this Thursday with the Telemundo program “Hoy Día” to talk about the complicated situation his ex-partner is going through Laura Bozzo.

It should be noted that the Peruvian driver is in hiding after receiving preventive detention for an alleged tax fraud.

Thus, the Argentine was concerned about the situation of his ex-partner. That is why he assured that if the presenter goes to prison, she would give the name of those who caused this situation.

“First thing you have Laura Bozzo against it is depression. So if Laura was locked up, they would be killing her. It is a warning, If something happens to Laura Bozzo, based on going to jail or something, I will give the names of the accountants and many people who had to see for her to be going through these things, he sentenced.

It should be noted that Bozzo and Zuárez had a long relationship of 17 years. Although at the beginning they were fighting, now they said that they fixed their differences.

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