Cristiano Ronaldo Becomes the Highest-Paid on Instagram

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo has just beaten Dwayne Johnson, The Rock, and that’s no small thing to say. As of now, the Manchester United player has become Instagram’s highest-paid celebrity.

The actor had been the highest-paid for two years but, now, it is Cristiano who pockets more money for each post on his social network account. In total, Cristiano earns 1,604,000 dollars, or what is the same at more than a million and a half per post.

Anyway, the difference between Dwayne Johnson and Cristiano is not so great and is that it is 81,000 dollars that separate them. The Rock has 315 million followers, while the football player, has about 442.

Behind Cristiano and Dwayne Johnson is Ariana Grande, who earns $1,510,000 for every promotion she makes to her 311 million followers. After her comes Kylie Jenner who takes $ 1,494,000, but who are five musicians who charge the most on the social network?

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