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Critical Role Expands with New Experimental Podcast Featuring 2 Star Cast Members

Critical Role, known for its successful “Dungeons & Dragons” campaigns, is diving deeper into the podcasting realm. They recently announced “Moonward,” a four-part miniseries that expands their reach in the audio drama space.

Marisha Ray, the creative director at Critical Role, made the announcement during a livestream. “Moonward” is set in the universe of “Midst,” a sci-fi space western audio drama that Critical Role acquired in 2023. The original “Midst” series, depicted as an experimental audio drama set on a desert planet, was first narrated anonymously by three creators. However, Matt Roen, Sara Wile, and Xen, the original narrators, have now revealed their identities.

In “Moonward,” Ray and Liam O’Brien, another main cast member from Critical Role, are set to collaborate creatively. The miniseries takes place shortly after the events of “Midst’s” three seasons and follows characters on an expedition to find the submerged remnants of Midst’s destroyed moon.

O’Brien shared that the team felt deeply connected to the story they created by the end of their sessions. Unlike the “Dungeons & Dragons” main campaigns that involve rules and dice, “Moonward” will focus purely on roleplay and acting. Ray described the experience as a blend of roleplaying games and live jam sessions, noting that it is unlike anything else they have done at Critical Role.

This year marks a significant expansion for Critical Role into various entertainment avenues. The third season of their Amazon-backed animated series, “The Legend of Vox Machina,” is set for a fall release. Additionally, an animated series based on their second long-running “D&D” campaign, “Mighty Nein,” is in development. Critical Role is also venturing into the gaming sector with the “Daggerheart” open-beta, a game that could compete with Hasbro’s “Magic: The Gathering” and “D&D,” as well as “Candela Obscura,” their gothic horror game.

Fans can look forward to the first full trailer for “Midst,” which will be released on July 24. In the meantime, Critical Role enthusiasts can enjoy “Downfall,” a new main campaign arc led by Brennan Lee Mulligan from “Dimension 20.” “Downfall” premieres on Thursday night and will be available on multiple platforms including Twitch, YouTube, and Beacon, Critical Role’s in-house membership and streaming service.

Source: Business Insider